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Where do I even begin with these beautiful ladies? They are gorgeous, polite, quite but goofy, full of life, and have the kindest hearts. Tallie, the oldest of the three, she couldn't be more of a sweetheart. Her gorgeous mama describes her country girl as strong willed, independent, and is determined to be successful in all that she does. Oh how I look up to this girl! She loves sports, baking, and photography (a girl after my own heart!), and has 6 pigs in 4-H. SIX!!! What a hard working chick. And that grin, how how gorgeous.

Taryn, at eight she is asked if she is the oldest. I even made the same mistake! She's one tall beauty. With a huge heart, she is quiet and shy, but a care-taker to all. Taryn loves to use her imagination in all things creative. She loves to sing to her favorite tunes, and spending time with her family and friends. She's a sweetheart! And soooo adorable.

Now Tavie, this little love-bug, she's too cute. As the youngest, she tries to keep up with her older sisters, following their every footstep :) Her mother shared that she is her own perfect blend of both Tallie and Taryn. Although she was quite camera shy, she let out a smile when I asked her if she was 5 years old. You see, when she turns five, she will be able to do whatever she wants to! She loves animals, cooking, doing laundry (haha :) ), feeding the pigs and chickens, and walking the dogs. She loves to help!

I have fallen in love with each of these girls, each unique in their own way. Their personalities shine through those gorgeous smiles. I cannot wait to see them again soon! I wish each of them the best of luck in the rest of their busy summer :)


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