Your Lifestyle Photography Session:

I am a Fort Collins Newborn Photographer and Fort Collins Family Photographer, that specializes and lives for Lifestyle Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Children and Family Photography. I have a deep passion for all those perfect itsy bitsy details, the big picture, the messy, the smiles, the tears. You've become my new dearest friend, and will remain that way from beginning to end. And together, well we are going to create some magic. Miranda L. Sober Photography wishes to photograph your family honestly, to document your story, to show your undeniable affection. I want to focus on what makes your heart race.  

My Philosophy:

I am a lover of sunlight, simplicity, and all the emotions. You’ll find all of the above in your Lifestyle Photography Session with me. Your session will be about you and your loved ones, young and old. Who you are, your favorite things to do, documenting the most meaningful parts of your family, honestly. I’ll photograph each second, capturing those detailed images, the in-between, the fun, the silent moments. Allow me to guide you, but just be you. Just love on those little babies you are so proud of. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself or your children, just enjoy the time you have with one another. And don't you worry. Upon booking, I'll be sure to include a list of tips to help ensure an enjoyable and comfortable session. All Lifestyle Sessions are documented within the comfort of your own home, your backyard, or your favorite places.

For your session, I love: All the little monkies jumping on the bed. Bath time. Snack time. Tickles and cuddles for momma and dad. Backyard exploring. Baking in the kitchen. Splashing into the local pool. Lazy mornings loving on lovies. Cutting down the perfect Christmas tree. Everything everyday.

The Process:

My wish for every photography session is to make the entire process easy for you and your loved ones. Offering a one-of-a-kind experience, I am here for you throughout the entire process. Together we will schedule a date, time, and location that best meets your family’s expectations. I will want to know all about your family before I even pick up my camera. Upon booking, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out for me to get to know all about your family and your photography goals. You don’t have to come up with any special ‘ideas’ for your session (unless of course you have some!), let me do all the work! 

I am available to help your family select the perfect clothing options for each member of your family, and providing any advice you need. I understand that investing in family photography can sometimes be overwhelming, but trust me, you don’t need to know what you are doing or have any previous experience. Just love on that sweet family of yours, and enjoy EVERY moment!


As a newborn photographer, I have been professionally trained in both safety and the art of newborn photography.

The safety and comfort of your family always comes first, regardless of age.

These Sessions Are For You If:

You want to document your family just as they are. You want to remember the everyday joy you have for your family, and the overpowering love you shower them with always. You earn for those authentic, real photos that document each little detail, ones that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

This May Not Be For You If:

I’m not the photographer for everyone, and that’s okay! Lifestyle Photography Sessions just may not be your style or for your family if: You want posed images of your family (I’ll guide you, but I’m not into that posey-posey look). You want every family member looking at the camera at all times (I’ll be sure to get some of these, but again, it’s not the focus of your session). Props are your thing, and your newborn must be in that oversized basket with that oversized bling-bling bow. If you want those unnatural baby poses. Everyone matching by the biggest National Monument Colorado has to offer.