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I am over-the-moon excited to share that this year Miranda L. Sober Photography will be hosting Momma and Me Mini Sessions. This is the perfect time to get within the frame with your babies. Your babies will always be your babies, to cherish and hold. However, they won't stay this little for much longer. I would be honored to photograph this moment within your lives and the beautiful connection that you share. Mini sessions will be hosted on select dates in Fort Collins, Colorado and Douglas, Wyoming. There is limited availability, at a first come first serve basis. Momma and Me mini sessions are 20 minutes in length and include a number of digital files and prints. Guaranteed by Mother's Day.

Please email for more photography session details and booking availability.

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Nothing speaks stronger to my heart than photos of a mother and her children. Photographing them together is something like magic, butterflies in your stomach, or a love letter that never ends. It's a pounding in your chest that beats stronger with every second. These are the moments that pass by all to quickly, that will flash before your eyes. Your little ones grow each and every day. Make this moment still. A moment that you can look back on years later, one that will give you those butterflies all over again.

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Now as a Fort Collins photographer, I cannot imagine having more perfect locations to photograph each and every family photo session, capturing gorgeous family photos! However, as many of you know, I grew up in the state of Wyoming. I often travel back to the state to photograph many amazing family and friends that share their never-ending love and support. Throughout the summer months, I have set limited session dates to photograph my Wyoming clients. The 2015 booking schedule is set and ready for booking, and I am SO excited to share that one of my FAVORITE Wyoming locations is now available for only a few limited dates during the months of June and July.  Located near Esterbrook, Wyoming only a short drive from Douglas, this breathtaking location is absolutely perfect for any baby, children, or family session. With a view of Laramie Peak, the mountain range, a forest full of trees, and a never ending field of wildflowers, this location is like a dream! Add that setting sun, breathtaking! Take a moment and imagine, can you see your family photos being photographed here?! Who couldn't?!

Only a limited number of session dates and times are available (trust me, these will go quickly)! Contact for further photo session details and booking availability today.


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Looking back at the year 2014, I cannot explain how thankful I am for each and everyone of YOU. As a thank you, I'm holding a 2014 Photo Contest! I have chosen some of my favorite maternity, newborn, baby, children, and family photos from this past year (how I ever decided, I'm not sure!). What photo do you believe is the best portrait I photographed in 2014? Please vote by commenting below with the image you think is the best photo of 2014. The image number with the most blog comments on this page by the end of the day on Thursday, January 29th will receive a complimentary gift print of their image.

Share, comment, and tag to increase your chances of winning. We can’t wait to see your votes for this 2014 photo contest!


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I cannot imagine any more of an amazing job that being a Ft Collins baby photographer. By the look of these images, can you blame me!? I am so very lucky. I am welcomed into gorgeous homes for their in-home lifestyle photography session with open arms (and often times sweet little hugs). Photographing sessions such as the one below is a dream that I have the opportunity to live daily. After photographing this gorgeous family's photo session last winter, I was beyond excited to hear I would also be taking photos of their newest addition to the family, little man Jace. At two months old, I cannot imagine a happier baby! With his brothers full of love, hugs, and crazy wrestling moves, he never made a peep. He is perfect. Welcome to the world, Jace. You bring the biggest smiles to your family.

I am in love with these boys! Not only are they handsome, but they are so polite and so sweet. Dad, you are an amazing role model. Mom, you are a superhero.

With every little giggle and every smile, I can see the resemblance they share, and the beautiful genes that this parent's have handed down. They showed me their newest lego set, their tough karate kick moves, and shared with me all about how much they love their new baby brother. Oh, and they are also the kings at 'the quite game', and 'freeze', when they want to be ;) I am so excited to watch this family grow. And I cannot thank them enough for allowing me to capture photos of this special moment within their lives, and where better than within the walls of their stunning home. This photos melt my heart.

ft-collins-photographerft-collins-photographerft-collins-photographerft-collins-photographerft-collins-photographerft-collins-photographerft-collins-photographerAre you interested in hiring a Ft Collins baby photographer? Contact Miranda L. Sober Photography for further availability and booking information.

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Something about this in-home lifestyle photography has lit up my world. The way your family connects with one another within the walls of your home is so magical, and being able to photograph such moments has filled my heart. As a Fort Collins lifestyle photographer, I believe that the best of moments are those that are real, those that are YOU. The only thing more real than lifestyle photography, is in-home lifestyle photography. It is you, it is your husband, it is your children. Your home reflects who your family is, and is the only place in the world that truly speaks of you. Photographing your family in your own home creates images that share who your family is, in this moment, right now. I can't think of anything more beautiful. This lovely momma is super-mom. Even with two little girls under the age of two, she doesn't miss a moment. As I walked into their sweet little home, I was welcomed with loving hugs and huge smiles. I love these girls. Little Mika is the greatest big sister. Always on the move, she is constantly checking in on her little baby, her adorable little sister. I was so excited to meet miss Everly, Fox. Born on August 16th at 7lbs 8 ounces, she is perfect.

As I shared these photos with this amazing family, their momma shared the sweetest of words. I had to share..

"To my sweet darlings, Do you know how much you are loved? All the way around the world forever and a day. And how do you suppose out of all the little darlings in the world we got the very best ones? Be good and take care of each other. We know you will do great things in the world. Yours always, XOXO".

in-home-lifesyle-photographyin-home-lifesyle-photographyin-home-lifestyle-photographyin-home-lifestyle-photographyin-home-lifesyle-photographyAre you interested in booking a in-home lifestyle photography session? Contact Miranda L. Sober Photography today for further booking information.