Miranda, Fort Collins Lifestyle Photographer


I am a photographer. But honestly?

 I am a worrier, a joker, a lover.

I wish to enjoy the little things in life, for those add up to the big.

Something about the warm sun kissing my skin, a genuine smile from a stranger,

and freshly brewed coffee in the morning makes me happy.

I find peace in simplicity. Love in my family and my friends. I find passion in photography, but inspiration through you.

I am a believer in that everyone holds a story, and photographs are the greatest of storytellers. 

Your family and your love story are what make my dreams come true.

Your real, your authentic, pure, and raw emotion makes my heart crazy.

I adore my sweet and (super) handsome husband, and our fluffy Golden Retrievers, Remi and Sonny. They think they are human, and thatโ€™s okay with us.

My heart belongs in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

I dream about chasing around my own babies one day, but until then, Iโ€™ll cherish yours.

If I meet you once, you are forever my friend.

God is great. And it is because of him that I have this gift, a gift I pray to share with you. 

I hope to make you cry happy tears, impact your heart, and document your life perfectly for you to cherish forever.

xo โ€“ Miranda


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