Clothing Guide

The last thing I wish for your family photography session is to be on stress overload. I wish for your to fully enjoy your family, the entire photography process,  and your gorgeous images to follow. I have found that selecting the outfits for your entire tribe can be overwhelming, but I’m here to help you friend. Here are some easy tips and suggestions to guide you, links to my favorite shops, and looks to avoid. I strongly suggest sharing your outfit options with me before your upcoming session (and doing so much sooner than the night before), this will help with keep away from unneeded stress and prepare your family for the best possible photos. 


• Begin with one outfit you really love, from there, branch out to every other family member’s outfit. Begin with your outfit, momma. Select something you are comfortable in, but think outside of the box. Leggings are great for comfort, not for your session, think more. I strongly suggest long flowing skirts or dresses, simple florals, soft textures, something light, comfortable, casual but elegant all around. Some of my favorite suggestions are below.

• Coordinate your color choice. I suggest selecting up to three main colors for your outfits, and possibly adding in an accent pop of color here or there. Keep in mind, your color choices don’t have to be the exact same color, the same color family will work well too. Example, navy and light blue instead.

• Neural colors photograph beautifully. 

• Mixing SIMPLE stripes, floral prints, polka-dots, tweeds, it can work. But I suggest keeping this minimal (unless you keep this soft and muted), you don’t want your clothing to be too distracting in your photos.

• Layer up! Layers can include anything from sweaters, to belts, jewelry, scarves, hats for women, and blazers. This will add much dimension and depth to your images.

• Be YOU. Be comfortable (but not in a yoga and sweatshirt kind of way). Clothes that may work well for daily life, it may not be ideal for your photo session.

• If you have the sweetest little newborn outfit for your babe's big newborn shoot, please please be sure that is nothing but snug. Swaddles and onsies are always the perfect idea as well.  

• Dress for the weather, please be flexible. This helps with layers in mind in case your session time calls for cooler weather than you hoped. You will want to dress appropriately for the weather that will be reflected in your background, even if it does’t match up to your original selection.

• If the weather and location allow, I may request a few photos barefoot. For all in-home sessions, I strongly enforce seeing those toes (mom and dad, this means you too!). 

• Ladies, your nails (perhaps toes) will also show. If you have the time, pamper yourself to a mani pedi.

Things to avoid:

• Articles of clothing with big logos or writing. I know you probably just bought that cute T-shirt for older brother or sister that say's something like 'BIG BROTHER'. This shirt may be adorable, but not for your photos. Children do not stay still long enough for this to be read, and it won't flow well. 

• Your newborn dressed in anything that is not fitting. We don’t want that little one getting lost in their oversized clothing meant for months down the road.

• Fluorescent colors can be harsh and tend to color cast. While I do not discourage bold colors, you'll want to be sure your family isn't drowning in bright colors. Again, neutrals photograph wonderfully. 

• Matching outfits, if it be for the whole family or for the kids. Please DO NOT have all the boys wearing the same outfit, and all the girls wearing another. This can be a bit tacky. 

• Every family member dressed the same in khakis and white t-shirts. This is a look of the past my friend.

• Short skirts or mid-drift tops for the ladies.

• Workout tennis shoes. Your shoes will show up in your photos. Kids, bright florescent socks, those will show too. If we are photographing in-home, again, don't even worry about shoes. Barefoot is best. 

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Favorite Shops for Every Age:





Free People



Forever 21


Sunday Supply

222 Linden St

Fort Collins, CO 80524

1939 Jessup Dr #130

Fort Collins, CO 80525


102 West Mountain Avenue

Fort Collins, Colorado 80524




132 W. Mountain Avenue

Fort Collins, CO 80524


Zara Kids

Rylee and Cru

The Measure


Fawn Shoppee

Heloise Children’s Boutique

300 University Blvd

Denver, CO 80206


Zara Newborn

H&M Newborn

Spearmint Love

Boden USA