happiness |children's photographer

Happiness is defined as, "the state of being happy". This family, their loving hearts, their smiles, that is happiness. The love that these parent's have for their children, I can't even begin to explain. They have the largest, caring hearts. And these children, no matter what, they are smiling. And very polite! They each have a personality of their own, each the cutest ever!

The oldest of the 3, is this handsome man Trey. You can see he is a caretaker. He is quiet and shy, but always observing what is going on around him. He is such a role model to his younger brother, Tristan. Now, Tristan, who doesn't love his mohawk?! When I asked if he styled his hair himself because it was the coolest style ever, he laughed and told me mom had to help him out (she told me he has wanted his hair that way since :) ) This young one is not so shy, and you can hear his laughter a mile away. And Harper, with those bouncing dark curls, and precious dimples, she's a bundle of joy. Her little giggle, it's one you could never forget. She is the happiest little girl, and you can see exactly why, she has her amazing family.

Happiness is being a a family and children's photographer. Happiness is photographing the Rinn family.

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