fort collins doula feature | doula-la colorado

I am happy to feature this Fort Collins doula on the website this morning. After the births of this amazing individual's two children, Missy Eisenach began to follow her dream of working alongside expectant families to providing meaningful, empowering education and offering support as they navigate pregnancy, labor and birth. Her goal for each new expecting momma is to help them experience their birth in a fulfilling and anxiety-free way.

Name: Missy Eisenach

Business Name: DouLa-La Colorado

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

Specialty: Birth Doula (DONA) & Certified Lactation Counselor


'Big' advice for a new momma to be: Find a doula for your delivery. My goal as a birth doula is to empower the modern woman so she can achieve her best birth possible! As a Certified Birth Doula, Lactation Counselor and Certified Massage Therapist DouLa-La Colorado is one stop support for an expecting mother.

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