Fort Collins Colorado Photographer | The Simple Things

Levi 093_2 As a Fort Collins Colorado photographer, it's the simple things that make me happy. Simple things like old photographs I find throughout the home I grew up in. There is something about this photograph above that make my heart pound hard, fast, and all together soft and slow. A photograph of my dad, the most amazing father anyone could ask for, who has a heart of gold. A photograph of my younger brother, an angel now in Heaven, one who found joy in other's joy.

This image reflects a moment that will forever be in the past, but because it was captured through a lens, it can be seen forever. It brings me happiness because I can see more than just a dad and son enjoying a picnic in the park. I can see the happiness in their eyes, the love in their smiles. And well this photograph, capturing that sparkle, well that makes me happy.