2014 holiday cards | miranda l. sober photography

Let the holiday season begin! Are you that family that loves to send out those special holiday cards every year to friends and family?  If so, I am excited to share with you the designs for the 2014 holiday cards! I am absolutely loving them! Holiday card options are available for all past 2014 clients, and for those with an upcoming session before the holiday. 2014 holiday cards are fully customizable, printed on 5x7 canvas felt paper. Select your favorite family photo, along with your favorite holiday greeting to share. All cards include cotton envelopes with custom return address print. Is this not the easiest way to do holiday cards?! I think so!

2014-holiday-cards2014-holiday-cards2014-holiday-cards2014-holiday-cards2014-holiday-cards2014-holiday-cards2014-holiday-cards2014-holiday-cardsPeaceInside Bottom2014-holiday-cards2014-holiday-cards