i want to focus on your heart

your-heartThis past week has been an emotional roller coaster. One of those with ups and downs, laughter and tears. It's been full of both confidence and insecurity. Everything I thought to be true, thought to be right, and thought to be sure, seemed to be no longer. Yet, through the craziness, I found myself. I found myself, when I didn't exactly know I had even 'lost myself'. Although I absolutely love this job, I think somewhere along this journey I lost sight of why I fell so in love with it in the first place. I loved photographing true hearts and raw emotion. Yet instead, I've found myself always checking up on the latest trend, the 'it' photographers. If I had that same quilt that they had, my photos would be perfect. If I processed my images similar to theirs, everyone would love them. If I had the same products to offer, or the same type of location to shoot, I would be loved, and everyone would want to hire me. Isn't life funny.?

The truth is, I may not be the photographer for everyone, and that's okay. I may not have the newest props, or follow the latest trends, but that too, is okay. Because it's not about all that. It's about you. And it's about me.

By following my heart, I wish to grow. I wish for you to love me, for me, and for what I can gift to you. I want you to HAVE TO HAVE what I have to give you. I want to tell your story. I want to share with the world who YOU are. I want to tell the world all about your loved one, your little ones, your babies. I want to photograph your life, where your life happens daily. I want to listen to all you have to share. Instead of focusing on that 'perfect' object, or that 'perfect' pose...

I want to focus on your heart. Through the photographs I take, I want you to feel, not only see.

Real, raw, and now. These moments will quickly pass by. Before you know it, you too may look back and wonder how this world passed you by. It is so easy to let the daily obstacles of life quickly consume your every thought. You will never get this back, this exact moment. Let me capture it for you, for you to hold onto forever.