Wildflowers & You | Miranda L. Sober Photography images

Another recent Douglas session was spent beneath the trees, and amongst the wildflowers. Spring is in the air, and it's gorgeous! I was thrilled to photograph yet again, another friend from my childhood hometown. Can't you see the beauty just shine right through her? Steph is the most beautiful, charming soul, that roams the small town. Very rarely do I not see a smile upon her sweet face, or hear her laughter in the air. Her happiness and sense of humor are unlike any other I have known, and her optimistic personality makes every situation bright.

As we met at our location spot for her session, tiny little Steph had the biggest grin upon her face. Happy about where her life has brought, her, I could see the sparkle in her eye as she introduced me to her boyfriend, Curtis. Although he may have been the quietest individual I have every photographed, he didn't need to say a word to show his care for Steph. I was excited to share this special time in both of their lives, as they are expecting a little babe in December! I send all my love their way, and wish them the best.

All these cowboy hats in the past images are making me feel like I'm living back in Wyoming!


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