who i am, what is my style | lifestyle photographer

Who am I? What is my style of photography? Good questions. I have found through my photography adventure, I've evolved into someone who no longer sees life so shallow. I see every little thread of detail. Every strand of hair. How every emotion should be captured, sad or happy. Every ray of sunshine, and how it would photograph upon your beautiful skin perfectly. My loyalty is strong for all natural light. I have found that I no longer admire those bright, colorful shades or patterns. Simple and white are my go to. You'll see my clothing choices and home decor to resemble that, as I believe that photographs best. I used to be frightened of newborn photography, now those lifestyle, real, honest, moments are my absolute favorite to photograph. Maybe because I know they are so short lived and carry a heart-full of emotion. I still love maternity photos, all things children, the value of senior photography, and the importance of a full family photography session. All equally important and equally essential. I am a lifestyle photographer, cherishing those raw and honest moments. I find that I continue to grow within this style I so deeply want to express, determined to be known for it. I want who I am to resemble my style of photography from this day forward.


Lifestyle photographer, Miranda L. Sober Photography