What I Want You To Know | Baby Photographer Fort Collins

As a Colorado photographer specializing in newborn, children, senior, engagement and family photography, I love watching families grow. It's part of my everyday job, photographing those big and special milestones or those years that just pass by as your children grow up all too quickly. From that moment you decide to spend forever with the one you love, to giving birth to your first born, to having everyone home for the holidays, those moments come and go. Sad, but true. If there is anything I wish for my friends, my family, my clients to know about being your photographer, it's these: • Not Every Session Is The Same

Every session is different. Although you may select a photographer, perhaps me ;), based on photos you have seen within their portfolio that you adore, it will be different. It will be different because it is YOURS. Your session is about you and the ones you love. It's all about the things that make your family, the honest, the messy, the beautiful. No one will have the same love your family does. No one will have the same smiles or the same hearts. No one will have the same story. That is what makes yours, yours. And it's worth documenting.

• I Will Do My Best

There is not a single session I photograph that I don't pour my entire heart and soul into. From your very first inquiry through the entire process, I am dedicated to you and your family's photography goals. I will go out of my way to create images that allow you to not only see, but to feel. I want to share your story and beauty with the world around you, because it deserves only the absolute best.

• I Jump Up And Down Like A Kid In A Candy Store

Before, during, and after your photography session. I may even through out a little squeal of excitement here and there. I am always so excited for your photography session, but even more excited to share your images with you afterwards. Knowing me, you'll see a glimpse of your photos before you even get home ;) Or sometime very soon following.

• You Will Cherish Your Photos Forever

Every single photo that is taken you will cherish, because not every photo is the exact same. Each and every image holds it's own pretty details and is a part of your story as a whole. It may seem like an oxymoron that I, as a photographer, would try to convince you that photographs are something that you NEED. But it's not, and you do. Even before I made my journey into the photography industry, I was proven this true. You are not guaranteed tomorrow, and neither are the ones you love, so those images may one day be the only thing you have, what you NEED to remember their every perfect feature. To remember fragments of your life way before the hustle and bustle of today.

• You Mean The World To Me

You do. I promise. And I will make that very apparent. Even after meeting you once, you will forever be a friend in my heart. In a world where everyone is a photographer, your options are endless. However, by selecting me, by trusting  me as your photographer, by supporting me and my dream, You. Are. Gold. Thank you. xo Baby Photographer Fort Collins, Miranda L. Sober Photography

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