what to wear clothing guide for your upcoming photography session

When I first came across the amazing work of Sarah-Beth Photography, it was love at first sight. I have found much inspiration in her sun-filled, absolutely stunning photos! I admire not only her work, but also the guidance she gives each and every one of her clients. I wish to do the same! I recently purchased this perfect 'what to wear guide', a clothing guide from Sarah-Beth. Her helpful styling rules, descriptions, and photo examples couldn't be more perfect!! As a client, you can expect to see this handy little guy in your inbox upon booking your session! I would love to chat more about your clothing ideas, give further helpful guidance, and much more! Heck, even send me snapshot from your iPhone of your ideas! I would love to help! It's difficult enough dressing ourselves every morning, let along your whole family for photographs you will treasure for a lifetime! Thank you, Sarah-Beth Photography for providing the perfect clothing guide! I am overly excited to share this with each of my clients. Each of these clothing choices is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! clothing-guideclothing-guideclothing-guideclothing-guideclothing-guideclothing-guideclothing-guideclothing-guideclothing-guideclothing-guideclothing-guideclothing-guideclothing-guideclothing-guideclothing-guide