Take me back to Disneyland | Where dreams come true

When I came across this old photograph recently, my initial reaction was pure laughter. Who could honestly take this image seriously? There are so many things going wrong here, to point out a few (as if they aren't obvious)...

  •  Big hair was obviously in (for men and women).
  • Where can I find that scrunchie?
  • Was there a recent sale at the local store for white tennis-shoes? And the matching tube socks?
  • I'm forever thankful my mother can no longer cut my bangs, or curl them. I still have nightmares.
  • The men are lookin' good in their short shorts. I'm loving the teal, Uncle Jeff.
  • I realize the reason still today, as to why I do not wear "belly shirts".
  • Stripes truly do never go out of style.
  • Sunglasses and hoop earrings, don't forget em' girls.
  • I wonder what was going through the mind of this "photographer" as he took this snapshot?

After I finally calmed down from the belly-ache of laughter, I couldn't help but look deeper into the photo...


I thought to myself, what is it about Disneyland that makes life so special? It's that it brings you and your loved ones together to create memories you will never forget. As I remember, the trip to Disneyland for my cousins, younger brother and I, was heaven. And from every emotion I am convinced played throughout the day, I am sure that happiness overcame it all (for both children, and parents).

If this is where dreams really do come true, take me back.