My Favorite Things, In-Home | Fort Collins baby photography

Fort Collins baby photography, MIranda L. Sober Photography, lifestyle newborn photographer As I've mentioned before, those in-home lifestyle baby sessions just tug on my heart strings. So, as a newborn, baby and family photographer, I of course absolutely love what I do! I am able to travel to your most sacred place, and document your most precious moments. It's got me head-over-heels, so in love with your family and what makes yours unique. Here are just a few of my favorite things about in-home lifestyle sessions:

  • It's Where the Magic Happens

Within those walls is where the magic happens. It's where your family is free to be who you are. During lifestyle in-home sessions I am able to witness the beauty of your everyday life. It's the little things, like rising from from bed and reliving your morning routine day after day. It's where you bring your newborn baby from the hospital. It's where your little ones learn and grow. It's where you kiss each tiny nose goodnight before all of those sweet dreams fill the night sky. It's yours, and it's magical.

  • It's Special to You

Unlike outdoor sessions, your home holds a special place in your heart. Your photos will not only share who you are as a family, but share an important backdrop as well. Your home is your home, unlike any other. It's unique to you and your family, and says a lot about who you are and what your family enjoys.

  • Your Comforting Place

I have found that many individuals are more comfortable in front of the camera while they are in the comfort of their own home. It can seem less awkward and feel more natural to be somewhere you feel like you. Often times, I'll ask you to pretend like I'm not even there, like a fly on the wall. This way, I can photograph you and your family in your natural state, documenting those true emotions.

  • Those Details

If you know me, you know I drool over for those little details! Photographing in your home allows me to give myself a little tour (I'll ask first ;) ), and take photos of what I believe resembles your family and shares who you are. Like a song reminds you of a life event,  or a smell reminds you of someone special, my hope is that these detailed photos will one day set free even the smallest of memories you shared under your roof.


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