Sonny | Ft. Collins Photographer

Meet Sonny. A snuggler, sock thief, treat loving, wild animal, and Remi mini-me. 

My husband and I have talked here and there about a friend for Remi, he's such a mama's boy and is in constant need of company. So Shane found a breeder in a tiny town outside Fort Collins, and we agreed to go and take a peek. Well, as I'm sure you can tell we were instantly in love. Before I could sneak in a word, Shane's eyes lit up and with a HUGE smile on his face, he said, "We'll take him!". With that we hopped in the car and as a new family of 4 we drove on home. 

Sonny is quite the hoot, and we sure do love him. But still, wish us luck! Hopefully these walls are big enough for two happy Golden Retrievers.