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Name: Dr. Colleen Holland Business Name: Womb for Growth

Location: Fort Collins

Specialty: Fertility and Perinatal Healthcare

Information about your practice: Dr. Colleen Holland founded Womb For Growth in early 2002 to provide supportive, functional medicine based healthcare for women and children. Our practitioners offer holistic reproductive endocrinology, preconception planning, perinatal and pediatric chiropractic, Maya Abdominal Therapy, massage, and acupuncture for all ages. We have a great deal of experience with digestive issues/food sensitivities, fertility challenges, pregnancy challenges (including breech, posterior, and transverse position), cesarean healing, and postpartum support of all kinds. Whether you are wanting to balance menstrual cycles, get pregnant, have an easier delivery, help your baby get a better latch, or want to learn how to bind your belly for postpartum healing, we are here to help. Womb For Growth is a caring and competent environment for all of your fertility and perinatal needs.


‘Big’ advice for a new momma to be: When we have a new baby, we need help. Americans are not good at asking for or receiving help. Part of the problem is that our society see babies as adorable accessories and not many people pay attention to what the new mom and baby truly need. Have special friends or family members plan a meal train, help with household duties/older children, and anything that will allow you to stay in bed with your precious babe. Leave a cooler on your porch for the loving people that will drop off meals. You are not obligated to let everyone in your circle visit and hold the baby. Let your tribe know that it will be a few weeks before they will meet the baby as you rest, establish feeding and sleep. (Your partner can post/email pictures if they must see your little one). Those first few weeks are a sacred space when you and your partner (and your other children) will bond with this new little soul joining your family. Please don't be afraid to protect this space fiercely. It is the only time you will have these "first weeks" with this child. Enjoy them! Ignore any expectations that could disrupt that space. Let those that love you help, because you, your partner and your baby deserve to be supported during this time.

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