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"Endless hope and endless joy started with a Baby Boy."

Going to this Fort Collins home, I knew I would be greeted by a new mother and father, with a new baby. However, walking into this gorgeous home, I was welcomed by big smiles, bursting hearts, and a sweet sleepy baby boy. As I have mentioned before, there is nothing like walking through the door of a family with a new member.

As I walked into their home, on their wall I couldn't help but notice a gorgeous wedding photo of this happy couple, in the exact place my husband and I got married. I instantly knew I loved this family. Married only a few weeks prior to us, we chatted all about our special day at the Della Terra Mountain Chateau. Like ours, they only had amazing things to say. It gave me butterflies, and took me back to that amazing Estes Park venue. I of course then, had to know every other little detail about their love story.

This mama is from Michigan. Dad is from California. Mama moved to Colorado for a change, to become a Middle School Teacher. Dad went to Colorado State University, and loved Fort Collins so much he decided to call it home. They met one night at a local restaurant, and little did they know, it was meant to be. I have a huge smile on my face as I share this, as I love nothing more than a heartfelt love story.

These two welcomed their baby boy into the world on July 22nd. Only a few days prior to their 1st Anniversary. The perfect gift if you ask me. :) Joseph is a content, snuggly, laid back, and squeaky little man. He's perfect.

Congratulations, Chavez Family! xo

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