the love of a sister | kid's photo session

Talk about gorgeous hair?! As soon as I met these wonderful little ladies, I knew it ran in the family. Their mother is simply gorgeous, with hair to die for! So beautiful (I'm so jealous if you can't tell)! These sisters are beyond precious. Even after meeting them for the first time for their session, I felt as though I had known them for years. They had stories to share all day, curious, and outspoken. Except the oldest of the three, although she is by far the most quiet, I could see she has a heart of gold! Fixing her little sister's hair, and guiding their every step, she is a caretaker. How lucky are her sisters to have her :) The other two... little balls of fire!

I was attached to these charming girls 5 minutes into their session. Amongst the wildflowers and blue Fort Collins, Colorado sky, their beauty reflects in their photos. It was such a joy to meet them, and their sweet mother!


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