i love you & this photo | miranda l. sober photography

5 years ago, on this very day, my younger brother Levi moved on to his new home in Heaven. There hasn't been one single day within these last 5 years that I haven't thought of him.

He was the brother to myself, and two younger sisters. The son to a dad and a mom that loved every single thing about him. The dog owner to a dog that still wonders when he will be back to play catch with him. ย He had the biggest smile. That laugh that made you laugh. And a heart that cared so much for so many.

It's hard to actually type the words that I wish to say, because I am unsure of how exactly how to say them. Tears come to my eyes before I can even say his name most of the time. So instead, I will let this photo below speak for me. Levi is the reason as to why I went after this dream job, as photos of him then are the greatest gift to me now. Thank you Levi, for always believing in me.

The last words I said to Levi were, "I love you". And his last words to me, "I love you too."