Let the Kids Dress Themselves | Inspiring Photograph chosen from Miranda L. Sober Photography

You know those moments, when you feel like your heart might explode? Like you could pee your pants because you are so excited? I'm having one of those moments. As a photographer, I have an overload of goals I dream of accomplishing. I dream of capturing those perfect moments that quickly pass by unnoticed. I dream to give my clients more than just photographs, but something that they will treasure forever. I dream to be successful. I dream that my business will grow and grow. I dream to share my work around the country, and that individuals will see my images and say, "That's Miranda L. Sober Photography".

Today, I can proudly announce I have accomplished one of my dreams.

Let the Kids Dress Themselves is an inspiration blog in love with creative and honest family photography. Founded by Wendy Laurel, the Let the Kids blog shares family photo sessions, children's sessions, and compilation posts that feature beautifully authentic images by both emerging photographers and longtime favorites that 'inspire them time and time again'.

Let the Kids Dress Themselves has chosen to feature one of my images on their site as an inspiring photograph. In a compilation with other photographer's I only dreamed of having my name amongst. To have such a well known blog among photographers share my work as their inspiration? I've accomplished a dream. I've got a permanent smile on my face.

Miranda L. Sober Photography on Let the Kids Dress Themselves can be seen here. 

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