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I was recently asked, "what inspires you as a photographer". The question is simple. Yet, it's answer is full. You see, the word 'inspire' is defined as 'filling (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, to create a feeling in a person'. When I look at that definition, I am overwhelmed with an overflow of magical words I think I should say. Words that sound nice or pretty, smart or profound. Words to 'create a feeling in you'.  However, I have to admit, I'm not very good with words, especially large ones that are difficult to pronounce ;) Instead, I'll say that as a photographer, I am inspired by simplicity. Simple, clear, honest. Photography that is true, raw, real. I am inspired by what is. The details, big or small. One focus within an entire image that allows just that, for me to feel. For my mind to wander.

I am a lover of natural light photography. The sun is my defender. My inspiration. I find myself daily, just watching the light. How brightens the world and dances upon skin. We take this for granted every morning we wake up, forgetting how beautiful it is, and how lucky we are to live within it's rays.

I am inspired through you. Your story is unlike anyone else's. You are you, and no one else compares. Your emotion, your every feature, who you are inspires me. Every client becomes a friend within my heart. I want to know you, and share all about you, all within a photograph.

in-home photo session with natural light

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