Fort Collins family photographer | You are my sunshine

You are my sunshine. This family radiates more than just sunshine. It's a beauty that you can't put into words. As a Fort Collins family photographer, I am lucky enough to say I absolutely love my job.

For years, I have been dear friends with this gorgeous mamma. We went through grade school together, laughing about who wore the shortest high waters, or who could act out scenes from Napoleon Dynamite better (why we loved that ridiculous movie, who will ever know?!). Her hugs will make your day, and her laughter will fill your heart.

I couldn't be happier for her, or more proud of who she has become. She is an amazing mother to this little girl, and soon to be another. What a lucky guy her husband is! And a great father to Mika as well.

Photographing this session was like magic. After an overcast day, the sun peeked right through the clouds, and gave us exactly the light we wished for. The mountains couldn't have been more blue, and the grass more green. The location was breathtaking. Up in the mountains of Wyoming, it will always be one of my absolute favorite shooting locations. How lucky am I to have such a place?

As if I weren't there at all, these three went about exploring the hills. If it wouldn't have been for my random bursts of excitement, you would have thought it was only those three. Their pure happiness showing right through, just to be together. Their laughter echoed in the cool air, making me smile. I don't think my smile disappeared the entire session. Especially when mom and dad had to chase down little Mika to prevent her from eating a random cow-pie here and there. Yummy.

With all my heart, I am in love with everything about this session, every image. And I cannot thank this family enough for allowing me to be their family photographer. XO



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