Colorado Photographer | How are You Spending Your Saturday Morning?

How are you spending your Saturday morning? Mine will be spent with a hot cup of coffee, in my slippers, with my furry friend that goes by the name of Remi. As many of you know, by my overload of images on Instagram, I may have a slight obsession with my dog. But really, who can blame me?! As a Colorado photographer, I feel it is only right to document my life with him.

In June of 2013, in a small backyard of a Fort Collins Colorado home, my heart grew 3x it's size. Once I laid eyes on this little man, I knew I had to take him home. Quickly my life-long dream of owning my own golden retriever came true.

I am excited to share with you my many more Remi stories in the future. As for now, I wish you all a wonderful weekend, spent with the ones you hold close, doing what you love most.


Fort Collins Colorado Photographer Fort Collins Colorado PhotographerFort Collins Colorado Photographer