Colorado Photographer | Imaging USA 2014

I am back in beautiful Colorado from my amazing trip to sunny Phoenix, Arizona. I was beyond thrilled to attend Imaging USA this year, but let me tell ya, my brain is about to explode! And I do believe my hand has a permanent cramp from the pages and pages of notes I have collected. I was so excited to see and learn from so many super talented photographers around the country (Laura Winslow, Julie Klaasmeyer, and Sandy Puc, just to name a few!) My heart skipped a beat (no lie) when I saw Miller's Professional Imaging booth at the imaging expo. Their setup was fabulous, and absolutely gorgeous! Miranda L. Sober Photography uses Miller's Professional Imaging lab to produce the high quality products you deserve! Prints, press, signature albums, canvases, and more. Samples are to come, so keep posted! I give them a huge thank you for all they do, the quality of work they produce, and their amazing customer service.

I cannot wait to share with all that is to come this year for Colorado photographer,  Miranda L. Sober Photography, and for what I have in store for each of YOU!