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Colorado photographer, Miranda L. Sober Photography shares wedding photography and wedding danceWedding Photography Credit: Kerinsa Marie Photography

Shane and I were married this last September. It was a perfect day, we couldn't have asked for anything more! Except, maybe the right song for our first dance. ;)

We were so excited about our BIG wedding song. It was that song you search and search for, the one that is supposed to resemble your whole BIG day and your BIG future ahead. It was perfect.

However, as we joined together anxiously to dance in front of everyone, a song began to play that wasn't ours.  The song was fast, almost like rock-n-roll, I can't even explain. Truth is, if I heard it again I probably wouldn't even know it was that song. I remember my eyes getting HUGE as I looked at Shane thinking he was playing some kind of sick joke on me (not the time, Shane!). But he gave me the same expression right back. Our DJ played the wrong stinkin wedding song!? So imagine Shane and I, slow dancing to some fast pace, head banger music. I think the entire crowd was confused. So if you were there and you are reading this now, please know, Shane and I aren't secretly dreaming of becoming the next ACDC.  And we thank you for sticking around, ha!

We laugh about it now, because come on, what do you do. :) Our actual wedding song is below, I think you'll find it more fitting.

Rock on, man.