why this anthropology apron made me feel like the next martha stewart

anthropology-apron My mom always says I had no idea how to even boil water until recently, let me clarify that this is a complete joke. I knew how to boil water, but beyond that, okay maybe she wouldn't be joking. I'll admit that I am not the best cook, but I do have hope to be someday. I am however pretty darn good at baking some chocolate chip cookies, there I have no problem. I opened this gift from someone who knows me all to well, and as soon as I saw this Anthropology apron, I felt like I could be the next Martha Stewart. And the little fact that I received this amazing Hand Made Baking Recipes to Warm the Heart, I knew that I could take those cookies and make them into something much more.

You see, when I first received my first DSLR camera, I had no idea what to do with it. I took the little knowledge I had from a photography film course I took in college, and started putting it into affect. I studied many articles and tutorials online, read books, and began an internship with the same individual who gifted me this apron and book of recipes to warm the heart. Looking constantly at what I could do more, or what little touches I could add to make each and every photo my own, recipes of my own. Holding that camera in my hand, I knew I wanted to become the best photographer I could ever be, but I would have to work at it.

Like starting with chocolate chip cookies, one day I will bake that chocolate cake. While it may not be 'perfect', I will know where I started and how far I have come.

'All things are difficult, before they are easy."- Thomas Fuller