Sweet dreams about whatever little puppies dream about

mirandalsober.2014.remi59.FB-7000 He looks so sweet and innocent, laying in the warm sunlight, dreaming about whatever little puppies dream about. However, after this week, I'm not sure I would describe Remi as sweet and innocent. On Monday, Remi decided to play with the one and only dog in the whole dog park that should have been off limits. By the time Remi decided he had had enough pouncing around, he trotted his way to me, covered in blood. As some of you may know, blood freaks me out. So you can imagine my reaction. The owner must have quickly noticed as he ran up to me and explained how he had tried to clip his 5 month old puppy's nails, but happened to cut a little too close. Instead of keeping his bleeding dog at home, the puppy was running free around the dog park, with Remi. My water fearing dog was not easy to bathe afterwards.

Tuesday morning I woke up to a constant Remi cry. Usually when I say the word "up", he'll hop right back onto the bed and sleep. I guess that morning he had different plans, as he continued to cry and cry with his head resting on top the bed, staring. It wasn't until I had enough and rolled out of bed, that he just so happened to stop his whining. I guess he just wanted me up with him and the rising sun.

Remi thought he was the next "Air Bud" on Wednesday, as he bolted straight into a soccer practice at Fossil Creek Park. Even though I was super embarrassed, I couldn't help but laugh as I watched my boyfriend, Shane, running around in circles trying to catch him. Like our dog trainer always said, "never trust a dog off a leash".

It was pouring rain here in Colorado on Thursday. But that didn't cancel Remi's race with the neighborhood rabbit. Once again, he was off. Gone. Bye. See ya later.

To say the least, I was ready for Friday after the long week. What I thought would be a relaxing coffee filled morning, soon turned into a whirlwind of morning glories and potting soil. Scattered across the porch was a Remi constructed mess. If it wasn't for his guilty puppy dog eyes looking right at me, I would have thought Colorado underwent a tornado. If only that were the case...

If there is anything I have learned from this week's events, it's that the movie Marley and Me was no exaggeration, never underestimate the speed of a puppy, and morning glories are not a golden retriever's favorite flower.