52 photo project | miranda l. sober photography

I've joined Click It Up A Notch, an inspiring blog forum for photographers, in this year's Project 52. Every week for the year of 2015, I will be posing a photo to the blog to share. Throughout my photography journey,  I have found that the only way to expand my talent and creativity is to take more and more photos. Not only does it help with the technical side of images, but the more photos I take, the more I become inspired by the things around me. I've found myself noticing every ray of light coming through my window in the morning. I see the shadows that lie upon your face. I have learned to see the world in ever detail, wishing to capture more and more. With this 52 photo project, I hope to grow as a photographer and as an individual. I look forward to January of 2016, when I can look back to every week of the past year in photos. How exciting that will be! Wish me luck, I am going to need it!