5 photography tips to take better photos of your children

5 Photography Tips for Capturing Better Photos of Your Children

Does your little one run and hide whenever they see a camera? Taking the best children's photos can be a struggle at times. However, after my years of experience as a Fort Collins photographer, I've created a list of 5 photography tips to help you take better photos of kid's.

  1. Play a game with them

Make it fun! Not every photo needs to be of your little smiling straight at the camera. Playing games such as ‘ring-around-the-rosie’, ‘tickle monster’, and ‘hide and seek’ are all fun and easy way’s to distract your child from the camera.

  1. Don’t say cheese

As children, all of us were raised to say the ever-famous word, ‘cheese’, when we were in front of the camera. Still today, every child automatically expects to say this word for every photo. Change it up! Just by asking your child to say ‘mac & cheese’ can be extremely funny to them. ‘Silly goose’ or ‘silly willy’ is always a huge hit.

  1. I thought your name was…

Calling your little one by the wrong name will create giggles upon giggles. Stay associated to other individuals they know (“Hi Grandpa Billy! What, your name isn’t Billy?! It has to be Uncle Bob!”). Keep it going like you just  cannot remember their name, they will get a huge kick out of it!

  1. Get on their level

Children view the world in such a beautiful way, so different than the way we do. Photographing the world in which they see it can create a whole new perspective. Don’t be afraid to try new angles!

  1. Make it all special, and all about your little one

Allow your child  to see their photo in the camera; they are always amazed at seeing what they look like. Ask them if they have any posing ideas or where would be the perfect spot for a photo. You listening to their opinion goes a long way!