Young Living Essential Oils

What are essential oils used for?

  • Just about anything you could imagine! From sleep, natural immune system support, to enhancing your energy level, for focus, for your happiness, for relaxation, for your kids, for natural alternatives to cleaning products, to natural beauty products without all the chemicals, the list goes on and on my friend.

Why Young Living? 

I have been overwhelmed by the quality, vision, and experience that Young Living has gifted my family. Not only are they known as the world leader in essential oils, their dreams and goals go above and beyond. Young Living believes that everyone deserves a life full of abundance and wellness, and it is their vision to provide life-changing benefits of oils to every family, home, and lifestyle. 

Unlike other oil companies, Young Living provides and un-matched Seed to Seal process that guarantees only the purest and highest potency of every oil. Only the best seeds are selected to plant, and then grown. on their own, personally owned farms, in which they never use any harmful pesticides or herbicides. The essential oils are then cultivated to the highest of standards, gently distilled to extract and preserve the purest oils, and tested for only the best quality. 

Game changer? 

Let's try life changer. 

How can I get started?

The best way (and most cost effective) way to begin with Young Living is to become a Wholesale Customer. To start a wholesale account, you simply purchase the Premium Starter Kit.. The kit includes:

  • 11 essential oils, one therapeutic grade diffuser of your choice, AromaGlide roller fitment, 10 sample packs, 10 sample oil bottles, 2 2oz NingXia Red samples, product guide and price list, essential oil magazine, and endless resources

By becoming a Wholesale Member your benefits include: 

  • 24% off of retail prices always

  • order whenever and as often as you wish with no order minimum

  • no renewal fee, you must simply be sure to purchase at least $50pv of product per year to keep your account active

You can find more information and purchase your kit here: Wholesale Members

Extra money,, you say? 

Again, life changer. You by absolutely no means are required or pressured to become a distributor at any time. Enjoy your kit, your oils, and see what becomes of it. 

Once I received my kit, I became essential oil obsessed. Before I knew it, just by using my oils daily and sharing how with family and friends, I had so many individuals interested in the magic, I became a distributor and signed up for their Essential Rewards program. The products, oils, and program have changed my little family and I's life for the great, and we won't ever look back. I promise too, you won't either! I would be head-over-heels if you joined me!

More information, purchasing, and becoming a distributor: Visit Here

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