Your Fresh 48 Newborn Photography Session:

There is nothing quite as magical as the arrival of a brand new baby. My job as a Fresh 48 Newborn Photographer is to document exactly that, the fresh, the beauty, the magic of your growing family.

My Philosophy:

Until having my own baby, I never realized just how meaningful hospital newborn sessions could be. As a momma, you’ve just overcome one of the most difficult jobs we have, giving birth to new life. After all the hustle, visitors, and emotions, photos can often time be overlooked. Trust me, you don’t want to forget these BIG meaningful hours. You may not feel your best, or let’s be honest, even feel your best, but you’re Superwoman and you are beautiful. You, your family, and your babies will hold these photos dear.

For your session, I love: Pampering you as a momma and helping in anyway I can, documenting you and your growing family within the hospital room, documenting your babe, their perfect newborn skin, their tiny features, you and your husband’s overwhelming love, and all those details so real that looking back you can almost smell that new baby smell.

The Process:

My wish for every photography session is to make the entire process easy for you and your loved ones. Offering a one-of-a-kind experience, I am here for you throughout the entire process. Together we will schedule a date, time, depending upon your due date. Of course, we will adjust as needed, I just ask you simply keep me in the loop!


As a newborn photographer, I have been professionally trained in both safety and the art of newborn photography.

The safety and comfort of your family always comes first, regardless of age.

These Sessions Are For You If:

You want to document your family just as they are. You want to remember the everyday joy you have for your family, and the overpowering love you shower them with always. You earn for those authentic, real photos that document each little detail, ones that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

This May Not Be For You If:

I’m not the photographer for everyone, and that’s okay! Lifestyle Photography Sessions just may not be your style or for your family if: You want posed images of your family (I’ll guide you, but I’m not into that posey-posey look). You want every family member looking at the camera at all times (I’ll be sure to get some of these, but again, it’s not the focus of your session). Props are your thing, and your newborn must be in that oversized basket with that oversized bling-bling bow. If you want those unnatural baby poses. Everyone matching by the biggest National Monument Colorado has to offer.